Case Studies

Jordana Parfums

Taking a new and relatively unknown fragrance brand, and conveying a clear meaning and purpose through product photography for a luxurious industry.


Creating a unique and entertaining performance piece that utilises Google's Titlbrush VR experience for the HTC Vive and showcases technological innovation.

VR Awards

Implementing a strategy to get the brand in front of as many influential people as possible. Generating enough cash flow to sustain an increase in networking and advertising budgets.

Grand Central

Building pathways between locations, collectively launching site wide campaigns instead of the fragmented site by site ones. Creating a consistent brand that out puts the same message from all it’s marketing channels.


Building a brand, not just a marketing strategy. Creating a clear purpose, direction and strong social media presence to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Rapture Gaming Festival

Producing large amounts of b-roll from across the show floor combined with short vox pop interviews from attendees designed to convey the essence of event from the point of view of different age groups.