Rapture Gaming Festival

Capturing a message throughmulti-day video Production

Events: Video production


Film and produce a video that highlights all areas of the festival, while promoting a clear, concise and consistent message to multiple different demographics.


Produce large amounts of b-roll from across the show floor combined with short vox pop interviews from attendees designed to convey the essence of event from the point of view of different age groups.

Creating new experiences
in Post VFX editing

With limited physical resources on hand to sustain an illusion of atmosphere and excitement, our post editing, Colour Grading and compositing reworked the entire footage to give it a new life. Each little detail added, from the sound design to the flashing lights, enabling the final product to leave a unique, lasting impression, which overwise would not have been achieved.

Professional set lighting
and equipment

Knowing the location of the shoot would be very dark and lack both lighting and quiet spaces, Ryza Media brought all the necessary gear needed to cut. Using multiple, powerful LED lighting panels, omnidirectional lapel and shotgun microphones each interview was conducted by a professional interviewer with questions put together by Ryza.

Perfectly sweeping gimbal
shots and transitions

To get the kind of shots we needed, Ryza employed the use of electronically stabilised cameras with non-distorting, ultra-wide lenses. The result ended up giving a very personable feel to the video which kept the pace going with smart and quick transitions which used objects and movements to mask itself. Being small and discreet, the gimbal shots also allowed the Ryza crew to film shots unnoticed and from close up angles.

Breakdown of figures

Fragers is an Essex based video games events company that provides logistical and management gaming services across Europe. Fragers needed a video team to film and produce video content for their pilot event and have a crucial asset to present to interested investors to enable a full UK tour. Ryza worked with them to provide many hours of usable footage that would aid them in this goal.

1.42 TB

of footage


B-Roll Clips


Vox Pop Interviews

“Ryza is professional, knowledgeable and self-sufficient- they knew exactly what we wanted to achieve. The end-result played a significant role towards influencing a partnership that has paved the way for 15 more events”

Gary Kirby, Fragers UK

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