Jordana Parfums

Showcasing luxury throughproduct photography

Branding: Product Photography


Take a new and relatively unknown fragrance brand, and convey a clear meaning and purpose through product photography for a luxurious industry.


Understand the brand and its message fully to capture and convey the brand in the correct way. Complete product photography and touch up in post to add an extra flare.

Professionally touched
up products

After the product was photographed from multiple angles, the bottle was hand cut and placed on a separate canvas for slight touch-ups. Highlights and colours were adjusted to reach that luxury look and shadows were artificially placed back in.

High-res photos ready
for print publication

Photographed at 42 megapixels at 7952 x 5304 RAW, each photograph is print ready and captured with excruciating attention to detail. Multiple digital background textures combined with floral designs came together to create a natural look that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Deep blacks and
rich colours

To get a versatile set of product photos black backdrops where used to highlight key areas of the product. During the editing process, the rich purple colours which can be seen in the product were accentuated and airbrushed in to provide a better representation of the final physical product.

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