Grand Central

Developing structure andstrategy for mass-expansion

Restaurants: Brand Structure & Marketing


Implement a site-wide marketing structure from scratch, while bringing all design, front of house and social media asset up to scratch for a mass marketing campaign.


Build pathways between locations, collectively launching site wide campaigns instead of the fragmented site by site ones. Create a consistent brand that outputs the same message from all it’s marketing channels.

Managing a complete
brand redesign.

Working with the talented, Colchester based design and web team, Minty Studios, Ryza directed and managed a complete brand redesign.  TLC Inn’s GC brand was stuck in the past and needed to be modernised. Ryza approached TLC with the idea of revamping brand assets and managed every aspect of the process including decisions on looks and interactions with designers.

Modernising online
digital assets

Previously each location had its own website. This was no good regarding building strength in SEO and a consistent brand image. Ryza designed a new online infrastructure for both their websites and social media, working closely with contractors to put this vision into place.

High-Quality Photography

TLC inns were in the process of mass expansion with multiple restaurants in the works across Essex. With virtually zero marketing campaigns in effect, it was Ryza’s job to come in and set up a marketing structure that tied together all locations for one significant marketing effort.

Professional Video Marketing

Video played an integral role in sharing unique stories and messages to a social audience that is increasingly responding better to video over photos. From short clips to capture attention to staff interviews for internal distribution, Ryza Media planned, filmed and edited each piece of media.

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