Choreographing and execution of a unique VR Art installation

Events: Creative Marketing


Create a unique and entertaining performance piece that utilises Google’s Titlbrush VR experience for the HTC Vive and showcases technological innovation.


Choreograph and execute a 15-minute live performance with a recognised artist in the VR space to a condensed version of Vivaldi’s Four seasons, played by a multitalented string quartet.

Piecing together a full performance

Working directly with the Google Tilt brush team based in San Francisco, Ryza Media sourced and commisioned French artist, Anna Zhilyaeva, to paint her rendition of Vivaldi’s four seasons in a vivid and dynamic way that fully utilised the Tilt brush software. After several iterations of concepts and designs, Ryza Media flew Anna into London to meet with ZHL strings, a London based string quartet who had been tasked with putting together a 15-minute version of all four seasons together.

Working out of hired studio space in London, rehearsals with full VR gear began where small changes in art direction, the speed of the music and several essential elements were worked on. On the day of the live performance, several sound checks and VR allignment tests were made using high powered hardware provided free of charge by Dell.

Photos of the live performance

On the night of the live performance, Anna performed with behind the scenes direction (through a wireless earpiece) to keep in sync with the projected display and music. The full piece came together in just under 15 minutes as a world first for the UK.

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