Bambu Vietnamese

Enabling a new restaurantto thrive

Restaurant: Social Media & Brand Marketing


To take a brand new and relatively unknown restaurant located far outside of the town centre and make it into the single most popular restaurant in Colchester.


Build a brand, not just a marketing strategy. Create a clear purpose, direction and strong social media presence to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Photography that tells a story

When Bambu first approached Ryza, they lacked both an online presence and clear strategic direction. Working closely with them, Ryza took a great concept and allowed it to fully flourish through the power of brand development and digital marketing.

Zero to hero, It’s not
Top 5 for nothing.

Within one year of working with Bambu, we took their brand from an unknown Vietnamese restaurant in the Hythe to the number one rated restaurant in Colchester. Using a strategically executed plan to schedule social media outreach and develop the brands’ voice and tone, we gave Bambu the opportunity to flourish organically. Bambu understood that to get to number one it wouldn’t be easy, but instead would be a complete team effort. We worked every step of the way to not only create a marketing plan but to create a sustainable brand with them.

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