Cutting Through The Noise

Email campaigns outperform social media platforms in delivering marketing material. According to recent research, the ROI for email marketing is 3,800% and 72% of consumers would prefer to receive promotional material through email than social media. This is because platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming congested with advertisements. Emails allow you to cut through the noise and deliver marketing material direct to consumers. It’s also more cost-effective than social media advertising because businesses don’t have to pay for expensive advertising space online.
At Ryza, we can strategically target email campaigns at specific segments of your email list to distribute appropriate and targeted messaging. Drip campaigns are often the most effective form of email marketing. We use drip campaigns to schedule automated collections of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions to engage and educate customers over a period, to encourage them to purchase. Research indicates that there is a 119% increase in click rate from drip campaigns, in contrast to other forms of email marketing.

Long Lasting Relationships

Despite social media being an excellent means of getting discovered by new customers, email marketing is the best method for developing and maintaining relationships with existing and potential customers. For both B2B and B2C online businesses, the process of developing e-communications can be time-consuming. That’s where we come in. All our services are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and each email marketing package includes a comprehensive range of services to meet any budget.

Here's how we'll help

  • Scheduled one-off marketing blasts.
  • Development of automated and focused email marketing with drip campaigns.
  • Maximising exposure and customer engagement.
  • Implementing and following best GDPR practices

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